About Kate's Catering


Humble Beginnings

Beginning in 1986, Kate’s Catering evolved from being a humble confectionery outfit to become a major establishment in the food catering industry.

The Singaporean family owned company provides catering services to a wide range of customers comprising of government bodies, corporate companies and private persons. Reliability, flexibility and value for money are the forte of Kate’s Catering.

Kate’s Catering is uniquely popular for providing Breakfast Reception as early as seven thirty in the morning. On such occasions, freshly baked pastries, favorite local breakfast delights and freshly brewed coffee and tea are served.

Buffet and Tea Reception are offered as well. Bento Meal Boxes, Packed Meals, Mini Buffet and Party Pack are in high demand. Corporate seminar packages, wedding packages and BBQ food are also some of the other exciting packages in which Kate’s Catering offers.

Operating from a central kitchen in the vicinity of Macpherson, Kate’s Catering specialties includes Kate’s Signature Mee Siam, Mutton Rendang, Kuey Pie Tee and Honey Baked Chicken. Many more tantalizing dishes are available on the menu.

Kate’s Catering promotes healthy living with healthy eating by adopting the guidelines of the Health Promotion Board Singapore. Food is prepared with less salt, less oil and less sugar. Healthier choice food is readily available on our Healthy Menu packages.

Being Halal Certified, Kate’s Catering has achieved one of its noble objectives of bringing people from all walks of life, regardless of race, language or religion, come together to enjoy her wide variety of delectable dishes.

With friendly customer-oriented service, a team of competent, highly experienced staff and resourcefulness, Kate’s Catering is able to service orders of all scale with confidence.