Kates Catering

Food Catering For Variety of Occasions

Kate's Catering prides itself in not just providing food catering services that is limited to private home or 'one-off' functions. The reliable experience and skilled ability of our competent staff combined with our ample physical resources means, we are also able to service events of all scale with confidence and ensuring all our clients that quality is never compromised when we are called upon.

Kate's Catering provides food catering service to a wide varitey of industries and institutions, private, corporate and governmental. They include;

- Private Corporate Companies (SMEs and MNCs)
- Governmental Ministries such as Public Statutory Boards
- Non-Profit Organizations
- Educational Institutions (Schools, Universities, Polytechnics etc)

Some examples of functional situations which we cover on a regular basis of providing food catering services for include;

- Seminars / Workshops / Meetings
- Product Launch / Retreats
- Opening Ceremonies / Ground Breaking Ceremonies
- Private home functions (Birthdays, Weddings, Parties, BBQ, Delivery / Party Packs etc)

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