Terms and Conditions / FAQ


Q1. Is Kate’s Catering Halal Certified?
 • Yes, Kate’s Catering is certified Halal by MUIS

Q2. Can I order standard website menus during Chinese New Year?
 • Only selected Lunar New Year Packages are available from 15th – 19th February 2018
 • All other standard website menus are not applicable during this period

Q3. What is Party Pack / Mini Buffet?
 • This package is suitable for events that do not require setup of tables and warmers
 • Food will be served in presentable trays or containers and disposable cutlery will be provided

Q4. How much disposable cutlery is provided?
 • For Breakfast Buffet, Tea Reception and Buffet Reception, we provide approximately 1.3 times the ordered headcount
 • For Bento and Party Pack/Mini Buffet, we provide exact amount
 • Additional cutlery and biodegradable cutlery can be arranged at an additional cost

Q5. Do you provide extra serving(s)?
 • For buffet and tea reception, we provide an estimated 5% buffet on top of the number of headcount ordered for

Q6. Can I arrange for Vegetarian packed meals with my buffet order?
 • Vegetarian packed meals can be arranged with any of our menu packages offered
 • Vegetarian packed meals are offered at the same price as the non-vegetarian guest
 • Our chefs will arrange, on your behalf, the vegetarian menu and exclude seafood, poultry, dairy products, eggs, garlic and onion

Q7. How do I add on side order items?
 • Refer to Kate’s Party Pack/Mini Buffet for a comprehensive list of items
 • Preferred items and their quantity can be requested in the "NOTES" section located at the bottom of each order form

Q8. Do you supply additional tables and chairs?
 • Contact us for more information

Q9. Do you have delivery limitations?
 • Catering setup only arranged on ground level or a level at lift landing
 • If there is no direct access, one level up, there is a surcharge of $50.00 (maximum of one level up and subject to availability of required manpower)

Q10. What is the consumption time that I have for buffet?
 • According to NEA guidelines, food should be consumed within 2hr of scheduled eating time

Q11. Is there a minimum order?
 • Each package has a minimum order which is stated with the pricing

Q12. When is the latest I can place an order?
 • Orders should be placed and confirmed at least 5 days prior to date of event
 • Preferred date and time slots are subjected to availability

Q13. Do you accept last minute orders?
 • You may call our sales hotline to check availability of date, time and menu

Q14. Can I change the details of my order after confirmation?
 • Changes to orders less than 48hours prior to event date, will not be entertained
 • We do not accept verbal communication for order changes and confirmation/cancellation of an order
 • Any changes, confirmation, cancellation must be done in writing, agreed by both parties

Q15. Are there cancellation charges?
 • Changes to orders less than 48hours prior to event date, will not be entertained
 • 30% charge on total value for orders cancelled / postponed less than 3days prior to date of event
 • 100% charge on total value for orders cancelled / postponed 1day prior and/on date of event
 • Cancellations / postponement must be made in writing, agreed by both parties

Q16. How do I know if my order is confirmed and processed?
 • Upon receiving your online order or email order, one of our sales managers will reply to your email with a price breakdown and payment
   details for your checking
 • You will need to reply to this email to confirm that all order details are correct in order for us to proceed
 • Thereafter, we will reply to double confirm that we will proceed with your request

Q17. What are the available terms and mode of payment?
 • Please prepare exact cash or crossed cheque on delivery

Q18. Do you charge GST (Goods & Services Tax)?
 • Yes, Kate’s Catering Pte Ltd is GST Registered. GST Registration number: 198000198N
 • All prices stated are before GST and are subject to prevailing GST